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Whether you are looking for a place to live or an investment property, every homebuyer faces one big decision: to purchase established or buy land and build a new home from scratch?

The decision will ultimately come down to your key priorities – location, budget, personal style, size and layout.

Other factors include energy efficiency, maintenance, how soon you can move in and what community services are available.

Equis Lake at The Vines is a boutique development with just 250 lots.

Guided by a design theme that reflects the area’s equestrian heritage, the homes at Equis have a contemporary rural feel with wide verandas, traditionally pitched roofs and gables.

A mix of rustic materials add to the community’s charm, which once housed stables, trainers’ quarters and a manor house.

According to Tony McEntee, Group Sales Manager for LWP, many investors love the convenience of a complete house and land package, backed by the building guidelines developed by LWP for Equis Lake to complement its bushland backdrop.

“The guidelines set the standard for design elements and finishes to suit the contemporary rural theme,” he said.

“Design touches such as chimneys and window awnings add character while home owners are encouraged to customise their houses with face brick, render, rammed earth, natural stone and feature cladding materials.”

In addition, new homes are more likely to be built to a higher energy efficient standard, he added.

“The design guidelines also identify ways buyers can reduce the carbon footprint of their new home and save on running costs. Building new means you can consider solar passive orientation and building materials that assist with energy efficiency as well as PV panel systems, grey water systems and more.”

It also means you can select the cosmetic touches that will make you happy – from bathroom tiles and a kitchen splashback to roof tiles and bricks – instead of making do with a dated layout or someone else’s taste in benchtops.

While buying an established home can typically be quicker than building a new house, you might find that building might not take as long as you think.

With many titled lots available on the Perth market, including at Equis Lake, and some great pre-approved house and land packages on offer, you could be in a new home within three months.

Tony said while some people found the thought of building a new home daunting, buyers often got a lot more value for money, with little to no maintenance for the first few years.

“There is generally less competition for that block of land you have your eye on and builders can build your home along with many other peoples at the exact same time, meaning you typically get more bang for your buck,” he said.

“Likewise buying in early to a development often means to you gain the benefit of facilities and services as the development grows and the capital growth that goes with it.”

To learn more about the selecting a homesite and building at Equis Lake, phone 9297 9999.